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Speaking by Faith The Coach is committed to helping you walk in victory and total freedom. Perception is key. What you think is happening TO you is actually happening FOR you. It is my honor and pleasure to be a small part in your big event called LIFE! Do it all! Be it all! Have it FAITH!

Join my life-changing coaching program entitled


"Elevation N.O.W."

You have wasted enough time and money living in fear and intimidation.

Let me help you take your life to the next level and break the chains that are holding your back!

Pink Earth


Listening to Speaking by Faith is just as blissful to me as laying seaside listening to the waves crash - I never want to leave. She is impactful, transparent, and spirit-led in her delivery. Dr. Faith challenges me, captivates my heart, and leaves me wanting more of what she has to say. Although there are always others in the room when I have witnessed Dr. Faith speak, it is as if she crafted her message specifically for me. I admire Dr. Faith! Speaking by Faith is sure to continue to change lives across the world. I am witness that it changed mine. 

~ LaChante’ Carrigan
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