Listening to Speaking by Faith is just as blissful to me as laying seaside listening to the waves crash - I never want to leave. She is impactful, transparent, and spirit-led in her delivery. Dr. Faith challenges me, captivates my heart, and leaves me wanting more of what she has to say. Although there are always others in the room when I have witnessed Dr. Faith speak, it is as if she crafted her message specifically for me. I admire Dr. Faith! Speaking by Faith is sure to continue to change lives across the world. I am witness that it changed mine. 

~ LaChante’ Carrigan

Speaking by Faith has given me the spark I needed to reignite the fire in my lamp. My oil began to dwindle, as I was not walking in the fullness of who God created me to be. Through Speaking by Faith, I felt challenged to go deeper in my communion with God. The humility in which she challenged, left no room to feel attacked, but encouraged. I now have a strong yearning to commence the charge I’ve been given to be all He created me to be. It’s been said that the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart. My heart was able to feel the beauty of Speaking by Faith by merely hearing "Faith" speak.

~ Alisha

Dr. Faith Oliver is a powerhouse speaker. I love how she get’s straight to the point. She’s transparent, open and honest.  Dr. Oliver has the keen ability to set an entire room on fire. She has walked us all through the process to see the Naomi’s in us. Any woman would love to sit and glean from her wisdom. She has a pure heart for women and you can see that she wants them to live a life of purpose. She is dynamic, witty, and insightful. She is not only beautiful on the outside she is beautiful on the inside too! You can see her desire for women to liveout their lives knowing how beautiful they are on the inside equally so.

~ Cheryl Roseborough

Founder of Self-Esteem Elevated