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Please note that all images are owned and copyrighted by Dr. Faith Oliver-Robertson.  Please do not use without written permission/consent.


Dr. Faith is an in-demand, international speaker, coach, and author, who has been speaking professionally for over 10 years. She is also busy running her companies, ministry, being a wife and a mom. Serving God and having a happy, stable family are her top priorities.


Because of the value of her messages and the prophetic anointing on her life, when she is invited to speak, she does charge a premium for her time. Please be mindful of that as she does not speak for exposure or experience.


Dr. Faith, even with her extensively busy schedule, will absolutely travel for speaking engagements. It is  expected that the requesting organization cover all of her travel expenses and accommodations.


If you are inviting Dr. Faith to speak and her speaker fee exceeds your budget, please let us know as we always attempt to create an environment where she can add value to your event as well as make up the difference by offering her products and services to your audience.


If you are looking for a Transformational Speaker that captivates, encourages, and challenges your audience, Dr. Faith is the speaker for you.

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