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Are you speaking life or death to your situations? You have the choice and the power. Speaking By Faith takes readers on a journey of emotional discovery and self-reflection. If you are determined not to allow your emotions to lead you down a path of darkness and despair then Speaking by Faith was created with you in mind.  There are 30 declarations designed to help you transform negative thought patterns into positive thinking and speaking by faith. Author, Dr. Faith Oliver-Robertson, compels you to go deeper into the “why” of your emotions in order to understand “what” is happening in your world as a result of negative emotions.


Speaking By Faith is your accountability partner and self-help guide to a better way of thinking and speaking. Remember, faith without works is dead so be prepared to do the work along your journey to identifying, understanding, and overcoming negative emotions. If you are ready to have total freedom it starts with Speaking By Faith and that change starts with you today. 


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